If you’re new to the world of blogging, and wondering what niche to choose, there is really only 1 question you have to answer…

“What am I most passionate about?”

When you get home from a long day in work, and you have to take the kids for a walk and bath the dog, and cook your food and clean the house, and watch your favorite TV show, and read, and sing, and dance…

There’s only 1 thing that will make you sit down at your computer and start writing a blog post:


If you’re passionate about camping tents, start a blog about camping tents. If you’re passionate about rubber ducks, or raspberry jam, or comedy slippers, then that’s what you need to blog about.

It’s no good picking a topic like “insurance” and hoping to make a profit, because what you write will be boring for you and will bore everyone unlucky enough to find your posts.

But when you write with passion… everything changes.

You’ll get fans, followers, subscribers, customers with specific interests to sell to, and you’ll get high rankings in Google for your search terms.

There is a concept popular among internet marketers called The Long Tail. And it can be summarised as this: “There are more people every day searching for all the long unique and rare search terms, such as ‘camping tents for tall people’, than all the people searching for the most popular search terms.”

It is easier to get 100 rankings for long tail camping keywords than for a bit keyword like “camping tents”.

What this means is if you target a specific niche, there WILL be people who will find you. It also means if you target large general popular topics like ‘insurance’ or ‘making money’ then your posts will likely never ever see page 1 of Google.

So if you’re looking for the best niche blog ideas, start with your own interests. Forget profitability.

Profits will come.

If you have the audience you can make the money.

The money is the easy part, it’s the AUDIENCE that’s the hard part. And you can only get your audience on a topic you’re passionate about.

If you have your topic but don’t know how to start your blog the right way, contact me through YourNicheBlog.com.

Good luck!

– Lewis ;)

P.S. I can build your blog for you, so you get started fast. Why? Because that is MY passion!

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